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Question: What’s the difference between Brand and Mandatory Generic?
Answer: Think of it like the motorcycle you wanted to buy and the minivan you ended up with.
Question: What’s this Major Restorative dental coverage?
Answer: Imagine the grounds crew after you’ve used your sand wedge on the putting green
Question: What’s this 80/20 co-pay stuff on my group plan?
Answer: It’s kind of like your kids’ expectations. They want you to do 80% of the work but only give you 20% of the credit.
Question: I really don’t get why I need this Life Insurance stuff
Answer: Think of it like a court order to pay child and spousal support after you divorce life
Question: So run this Return of Premium thing on my insurance policy by me again
Answer: It’s like you lease a car, and at the end of your lease the dealership takes back the car and gives you all your payments back
Question: Got it. You don’t happen to sell cars, do you?
Question: Is it okay to substitute the brand ED drugs with the generic kind?
Answer: That’s a HARD no.
Question: I feel like this Life Insurance thing is like playing the lottery?
Answer: Actually unlike the lottery, every time you pay your odds of collecting are getting better…
Question: What’s an all source maximum on my disability coverage?
Answer: It’s like the Leafs having Tavaris, Matthews, and Marner but only making it to the 2nd round…
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